Vaultskin launches VAULTCARD™ in bid to combat contactless card fraud

Contactless Intelligence

vaultcardVaultskin, a personal security technology company, are launching a product called VAULTCARD™ – a new pocket-sized protector in the fight against contactless credit card fraud. The product, says Vaultskin, offers a solution to growing consumer concerns over the safety of personal banking data, which can be accessed via widely available Radio-Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) skimming devices.

U.S. credit card fraud is on the rise. A study by NASDAQ• showed that credit card fraud tripled from 2013 to 2014, affecting over 30 million U.S. consumers. Fraudsters can use the devices to clone cards and aid identity theft, with shoppers and commuters at most risk. VAULTCARD™ was created to solve this security issue.

Priced at $35, VAULTCARD™ is a credit-card sized device that uses revolutionary patent pending technology, based on highly sophisticated military jamming signals, to shield contactless payment cards from RFID fraud. VAULTCARD™ protects multiple cards stored inside wallets up to…

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